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What is Surf? # Surf is a very popular gamemode in which a player slides down a ramp to gain speed. History of Surf # 3kliksphilip has created an excellent video going over the history of Surf with Mariowned, the creator of the gamemode: How Surf Works # In Source, a player can only stand on a angled surface if it is less than 45.573° from the horizontal. If the slope is greater than this, the player slides down it. ...


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What is Tricksurf? # A spinoff mode formed from the Surf game mode, players can create and complete sequences of locations to surf to, known as tricks, for XP and bragging rights. Unlike regular surf, tricksurf typically has loosely defined goals that are not intentionally placed by the author of the surf map. Sometimes the most fun part of tricksurf is developing new tricks that are flashy and difficult, and then challenging your friends. ...

Creating Surf Ramps

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Note: This guide assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of the hammer editor and the tools used. Basic Surf Ramps # Planning # Before you start to create your ramps in hammer, there are a few factors you should consider: How steep do I want the ramps to be? A ramp that is too steep / wide may be considered awkward to board. People tend to use a 5:4 ratio for the dimensions of their ramps What size do I want for my ramps? ...


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Toggles jump input for gamemodes with autohop. Toggle resets when hitting a fail teleport (see trigger_teleport , trigger_momentum_teleport_progress , trigger_momentum_multihop , and trigger_momentum_onehop ), and when restarting a map or stage via mom_restart or mom_restart_stage respectively.