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What is Ahop? # Ahop, short for “Accelerated Hop”, comes from the Orange Box versions of Half-Life 2, its episodes, and Portal 1. Ahop comes from Valve’s attempt to remove bunnyhopping in an older version of the game. By either hopping completely backwards or holding/pressing the back movement key while hopping, players can gain extreme amounts of velocity. Ahop movement can be commonly found in Any% Speedruns for Half-Life 2, its episodes and Portal 1. ...


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What is Bhop? # Bhop, short for “Bunny Hop”, is a very popular gamemode found in many games, such as CS:GO, TF2, and others. The core mechanic, “bhopping”, is when the player jumps repeatedly, the moment they hit the ground, allowing them to maintain their current velocity. In order to maximize the likelihood of inputting the jump exactly when you hit the ground, players used to bind jump to the scroll wheel, and then roll their mouse wheel very fast whenever they were about to hit the ground. ...


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What is Climb? # Climb, also known as Kreedz Climbing (KZ) or Xtreme Climb (XC), is a popular gamemode found in every Counter-Strike game. The goal of Climb is to get from point A to point B in a map in the quickest time possible. Climb utilizes prestrafing, airstrafing, and well-timed jumps to go further than a normal jump ever could, reaching far-away platforms and ledges. History of Climb # Climb had its origins in the early 2000’s, when players in Counter-Strike were beginning to master their bunny hops and strafe jumps to get to unintended places. ...


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What is Conc? # Conc, short for “Concussion Grenade Jumping”, is a classic game mode from the classic Team Fortress, involving priming a concussion grenade to explode at just the right time to propel the player throughout the map. Momentum Mod’s implementation of Conc comes from a mix of Fortress Forever’s implementation combined with reverse engineering specific values from Team Fortress Classic. History of Conc # Conc comes from Team Fortress Classic, which was based on the Quake mod “Quake Fortress” by the same developers. ...


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What is Defrag? # Defrag is considered the grandfather mode for all of Momentum Mod’s supported modes. Defrag is based on the movement found in Quake, specifically Quake 3 Arena, and is broken into two modes, “VQ3” and “CPM”. History of Defrag # TODO gotta whip out the VCR tapes How Defrag Works # TODO


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What is Parkour? # Parkour is the movement from Titanfall 2, which sees players slide jumping, wallrunning and preserving speed. Momentum Mod’s implementation of Parkour comes from the implementation found in Half-Life 2 Mobility Mod, with adjustments from feedback from the Titanfall 2 speedrunning community. History of Parkour # Parkour is an athletic pursuit originating in France in the 20th century. Originally it began as a form of athletic training for soldiers called the “méthode naturelle” (natural method). ...

Rocket Jump

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What is Rocket Jump? # Based on the Soldier class from Team Fortress 2, players shoot unidirectional, fixed-speed rockets and take advantage of the explosion they create to propel themselves throughout maps. History of Rocket Jump # The origins of rocket jumping can be traced all the way back to the release of Doom in 1993. Players could sacrifice health to cross gaps not originally intended to be crossed by firing a rocket at a wall nearby and use the outward horizontal velocity emitted by the explosion of the rocket (sometimes called the “splash” or “splash damage”) to strafe across a gap. ...

Sticky Jump

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What is Sticky Jump? # Based on the Demoman class from Team Fortress 2, players shoot explosives that stick to surfaces and must be detonated manually, which players can then use to propel themselves around the map. Up to 3 of these arcing bombs can be used at once to go at extremely high speeds, or used in alternation to “pogo” on the floor, walls, or even in the air. ...


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What is Surf? # Surf is a very popular gamemode in which a player slides down a ramp to gain speed. History of Surf # 3kliksphilip has created an excellent video going over the history of Surf with Mariowned, the creator of the gamemode: How Surf Works # In Source, a player can only stand on a angled surface if it is less than 45.573° from the horizontal. If the slope is greater than this, the player slides down it. ...


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What is Tricksurf? # A spinoff mode formed from the Surf game mode, players can create and complete sequences of locations to surf to, known as tricks, for XP and bragging rights. Unlike regular surf, tricksurf typically has loosely defined goals that are not intentionally placed by the author of the surf map. Sometimes the most fun part of tricksurf is developing new tricks that are flashy and difficult, and then challenging your friends. ...