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What is Climb? # Climb, also known as Kreedz Climbing (KZ) or Xtreme Climb (XC), is a popular gamemode found in every Counter-Strike game. The goal of Climb is to get from point A to point B in a map in the quickest time possible. Climb utilizes prestrafing, airstrafing, and well-timed jumps to go further than a normal jump ever could, reaching far-away platforms and ledges. History of Climb # Climb had its origins in the early 2000’s, when players in Counter-Strike were beginning to master their bunny hops and strafe jumps to get to unintended places. ...

Porting Goldsrc maps to Source

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This guide is a work in progress. If you have questions or problems ask for help in the Momentum Mod Discord. # Before you start, you should know that maps with simple geometry work best for porting. Complex geometry can cause invalid solids which will need to be manually remade, and some textures will need to be realigned. Prerequisites: Have a basic understanding of Goldsrc, Valve Hammer Editor, and potentially Trenchbroom Download the . ...