mapbase, filter, point entity

This page covers the various additions and enhancements from Mapbase. Filters # Added the following Mapbase filters: filter_activator_context filter_activator_involume filter_activator_keyfield filter_activator_model filter_activator_surfacedata Logic Entities # Added the following logic entities from Mapbase: point_camera_ortho math_vector math_mod math_lightpattern math_generate math_counter_advanced math_clamp math_bits logic_sequence logic_keyfield logic_format logic_entity_position logic_datadesc_accessor logic_convar logic_context_accessor logic_console game_globalvars Descriptions of these can be found on Mapbase’s entity list. Skyboxes # New features for sky_camera, including multiple sky_camera’s. Also skybox_swapper for swapping the 2D skybox texture without having to reload the map. ...