Stop tool texture

A trigger entity in Momentum Mod that ends the map or bonus upon entering it.

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Keyvalues #

Track Number (track_number<integer>)

The track that this zone belongs to:

  • -1: All Tracks
  • 0: Main Map
  • 1+: Bonus Tracks

Zone Number (zone_number<integer>)

The zone number of the trigger:

  • Zone number 0 is reserved for invalid and stop triggers.
  • Zone number 1 is reserved for start triggers.
  • Zone numbers 2 and up are for stage / checkpoint triggers.

Cancel Timer (cancel<choices>)

  • 0: False
  • 1: True

If true, the timer will be canceled upon the player’s entry, preventing the run from being submitted. Default is false.

A material for the tool texture shown in the header image can be found in materials/tools/trigger_stop.
It is entirely optional and functions identically to the normal trigger texture.
tag-outline Tags: timer trigger stop
folder-open-outline Categories: entity