Gamemode Guide: Conc

What is Conc? #

Conc, short for “Concussion Grenade Jumping”, is a classic game mode from the classic Team Fortress, involving priming a concussion grenade to explode at just the right time to propel the player throughout the map.

Momentum Mod’s implementation of Conc comes from a mix of Fortress Forever’s implementation combined with reverse engineering specific values from Team Fortress Classic.

History of Conc #

Conc comes from Team Fortress Classic, which was based on the Quake mod “Quake Fortress” by the same developers. Team Fortress Classic is the precursor to the beloved Team Fortress 2, but runs on Valve’s Goldsrc engine.

TODO full history of conc as a gamemode!!

How Conc Works #

Please play conc.

The further away from the grenade you are, the more it boosts you! Rather backwards, but it’s a fun way to play!

Read this

TODO port that here!!

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