Stage tool texture

A trigger entity in Momentum Mod that marks the start of a stage.
It is used on Staged maps and can be reset to via mom_restart_stage.

Stage Zones cannot be used at the same time as Checkpoint Zones.

Looking for more general info on Zones?
Check the Zone Types page.


Track Number (track_number<integer>)

The track that this zone belongs to:

  • -1: All Tracks
  • 0: Main Map
  • 1+: Bonus Tracks

Zone Number (zone_number<integer>)

The zone number of the trigger:

  • Zone number 0 is reserved for invalid and stop triggers.
  • Zone number 1 is reserved for start triggers.
  • Zone numbers 2 and up are for stage / checkpoint triggers.

Remote Destination (target<target_destination>)

The entity specifying the point to which the player should be teleported.