Ammo System

Ammo System

The ammo system allows mappers to control how many shots the player can fire from weapons that use ammo. All defrag weapons, the RJ rocket launcher, the sticky bomb launcher, and concs can be controlled with separate ammo types. The default state for the player is infinite ammo, but the player’s ammo can be changed with player IO inputs and entities. Additionally, an ammo limit can be set that doesn’t allow the player to have more than a certain amount.

Pickup Entities #

The momentum_pickup_ammo entity can also give the player ammo. The key AmmoName controls the type of ammo. It takes a string which is one of these names:


The entity also takes a PickupAmmo key which controls how much ammo the player gets. A negative value gives the player infinite ammo. If the player already has infinite ammo, this entity does nothing when the player picks it up.

Ammo from Weapon Spawners #

The momentum_weapon_spawner entity gives a certain amount of ammo, controlled by the PickupAmmo key. If the value is negative, it gives the player infinite ammo for that weapon. If the value is positive, and the player has less than that amount of ammo, it sets the player’s ammo to that amount. Otherwise it only gives 1 ammo. If the value is 0, then it has no effect.

Player Inputs #

The mapper can use inputs on the player to set, add, or subtract the player’s ammo. The mapper can change only one type of ammo at a time, or all the ammo types at once. The following inputs control the player’s ammo. Which weapon uses which ammo type is listed next to them, but some ammo types aren’t currently used by any weapons.

SetAmmo          <- all ammo types
SetRockets       <- rocket launcher (RJ and DF)
SetStickyBombs   <- sticky bomb launcher
SetConcs         <- concs
SetGrenades      <- DF grenade launcher
SetPlasma        <- DF plasma gun
SetBfgRockets    <- DF BFG

AddAmmo          <- all ammo types
AddRockets       <- rocket launcher (RJ and DF)
AddStickyBombs   <- sticky bomb launcher
AddConcs         <- concs
AddGrenades      <- DF grenade launcher
AddPlasma        <- DF plasma gun
AddBfgRockets    <- DF BFG

The player can be in one of three states with ammo:

  1. Negative ammo - Can shoot an infinite amount of shots. This is the default.
  2. Positive ammo - Can shoot, each shot will take 1 ammo.
  3. Zero ammo - Out of ammo, cannot shoot.

For example, to give infinite rockets, you would use:

SetRockets -1

To add 30 plasma bolts, you would use:

AddPlasma 30

To take away 2 sticky bombs, you would use:

AddStickyBombs -2

Ammo Limit #

By default, the player has a limit of 200 on the maximum amount of ammo they can carry of any type. This can be changed with the SetAmmoLimit input, where a limit of -1 means no limit. The ammo limit does not prevent the player from carrying infinite ammo, it only applies when the player’s ammo is finite.

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