Start tool texture

A trigger entity in Momentum Mod that starts the map or bonus upon leaving it.

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Keyvalues #

Track Number (track_number<integer>)

The track that this zone belongs to:

  • -1: All Tracks
  • 0: Main Map
  • 1+: Bonus Tracks

Zone Number (zone_number<integer>)

The zone number of the trigger:

  • Zone number 0 is reserved for invalid and stop triggers.
  • Zone number 1 is reserved for start triggers.
  • Zone numbers 2 and up are for stage / checkpoint triggers.

Speed limit (UPS) (speed_limit<float>)

The maximum speed in Units Per Second that the user can have while leaving the start zone. The default speed is 350 UPS and it will only be applied depending on the limit speed type.

Remote Destination (target<target_destination>)

The entity specifying the point to which the player should be teleported.

Look angles (look_angles<angle>)

Where the player will look when teleported to the start.

Start timer on jump (start_on_jump<integer>)

Start the timer when the player jumps or leaves the start zone.

Limit speed type (speed_limit_type<integer>)

How the speed limit will be enforced on players when leaving the start zone:

  • 0: Limit the speed of the player no matter what.
  • 1: Limit the speed only when in the air.
  • 2: Limit the speed only when on the ground.
  • 3: Limit the speed only on landing.

Flags #

Limit leave speed (8192)
Applies the speed limit upon leaving the zone.

Use look angles (16384)
Sets the angle of the player to a predefined value when teleporting to the start zone.

A material for the tool texture shown in the header image can be found in materials/tools/trigger_start.
It is entirely optional and functions identically to the normal trigger texture.
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