Overriding Custom Assets

Overriding Custom Assets

When the game boots, it scans the momentum/custom/ folder for VPK files and subfolders. For steam users, this will be

Steam/steamapps/common/Momentum Mod/momentum/custom/

under the steam install path.

Each VPK and subfolder is added as a “search custom”, meaning that the files inside them will override the default game’s files. Using this is recommended over modifying the game’s files, as the custom folder will persist when installing an update or using Steam’s “verify integrity of game files” feature.

File Structure Examples #

Here are some examples of correct file structure:

  • momentum/custom/some_mod.vpk
  • momentum/custom/another_mod.vpk
  • momentum/custom/my_custom_stuff/
  • momentum/custom/my_custom_stuff/models/custom_model.mdl
  • momentum/custom/my_custom_stuff/materials/custom_material.vmt
  • momentum/custom/my_custom_stuff/materials/vgui/custom_ui_thing.res

In these examples, some_mod.vpk, another_mod.vpk, and my_custom_stuff will be added as search customs.

Some examples of incorrect file structures are:

  • momentum/custom/models/custom_model.mdl
  • momentum/custom/materials/custom_material.vmt

In these examples, models and materials are search customs, meaning that custom_model.mdl and custom_material.vmt exist at the root of the game’s virtual filesystem instead of in their appropriate folders.

Example - Overriding Weapon Script #

Weapon Model Comparison

Inside momentum/custom/overrides/scripts/ there are some weapon script overrides available. For these overrides to take effect they need to be renamed to match the file they are overriding in momentum/scripts/.

For example, renaming weapon_momentum_stickylauncher_tf2.txt to weapon_momentum_stickylauncher.txt within momentum/overrides/scripts/ overrides the sticky launcher script in momentum/scripts/. This replaces the momentum default sticky launcher to be the one from TF2.

Weapon scripts can be reloaded from within the game by using the console commands weapon_reload_scripts and/or weapon_reload_script_current .

Performance #

Mounting a subfolder is less efficient than a VPK, since the engine has to make a call to the operating system to search the folder each time it needs to open a file. For optimal load times use VPKs, since they can be searched by the engine much more efficiently.

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