Slide trigger texture

A trigger volume that allows the player to slide across the surface of a brush without friction. This must be placed above the brush in order for the slide to work.


Track Number (track_number<integer>)

The track that this zone belongs to:

  • -1: All Tracks
  • 0: Main Map
  • 1+: Bonus Tracks

Stick player to ground (StuckOnGround<integer>)

Forces the player to stay on the ground throughout the slide trigger, even if it suddenly curves downwards or launches the player upwards.

Allow jumping (AllowingJump<integer>)

Allow the player to jump while inside the slide trigger. This does not work when the trigger is set to stick players to the ground.

Disable gravity (DisableGravity<integer>)

Removes the effects of gravity on the slide, allowing for people to slide up impossible slopes.

Fix Upside Slopes (FixUpsideSlope<integer>)

When mounting a slide, players can sometimes lose speed. This fix prevents this kind of speed loss.