Nogrenade trigger texture

Rockets, stickybombs, conc grenades, and other explosives will not detonate/explode inside this area.

Keyvalues #

Explosive prevention method (explosion_prevention_type<choices>)

Determines the method of explosive prevention.

  • 0: “[Default] Fizzle explosives upon detonation. This is the TF2 default.”
  • 1: “Fizzle only airborne (handheld concs included) explosives upon detonation.”
  • 2: “Fizzle upon landing instead of on attempted detonation.”
  • 3: “Fizzle explosive immediately upon it entering the trigger.”
A material for the tool texture shown in the header image can be found in materials/tools/trigger_nogrenades.
It is entirely optional and functions identically to the normal trigger texture.
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