Chat Commands

Chat Commands

This guide covers all of the supported chat commands and potential inputs they have. These commands can be entered in chat at any time regardless of being in a lobby or not.

All commands are activated by using “/” or “!” or “.” and then the trigger keywords listed below. Example: “/spec” or “.spec” or “!spec” all trigger the “Spectate Player” command.
Do not make “say binds”!! Instead, prefer to create binds to the linked commands. There will never be any exclusive chat commands; they all directly tie to console commands/variables!

Command Triggers Functional Equivalent Examples
Bonus Teleport "b", "bonus" mom_restart <bonus> (or "/r <bonus>") /b 2 teleports the player to Bonus Track 2./b does not work and will let you know that it requires a specific track number. Consider doing /r if you wish to restart the track.
Track Teleport "r", "restart" mom_restart /r 3 will restart the player to bonus track 3./r with no parameter will restart the player to the start of the current track.
Stage Teleport "s", "stage" mom_restart_stage /s 3 will teleport the player to the third stage of the current track./s with no parameter will teleport the player back to the current stage’s trigger.
Set Start Mark "setstart" mom_start_mark_create /setstart while standing in the track start zone will create a start mark, allowing /r to teleport you back to the specific spot you are in.
Show Player Clips "clips", "showclips" r_drawclipbrushes (0, 1, 2)(it cycles through these unless you specify the number) /clips 2 will set r_drawclipbrushes to 2, which is the solid clipbrush render mode./clips will cycle through the render modes of drawing clipbrushes. If they’re off, they go to 1 (wireframe), if on 1, to 2 (solid), if on 2, to 0 (off) and loops.
Show Triggers "triggers", "showtriggers" showtriggers_toggle /triggers will toggle showing triggers in game. On if they’re off, off if they’re on.
Spectate Player "spec", "spectate" mom_spectate /spec goc while Gocnak is in your lobby will begin spectating Gocnak, even if you are spectating, otherwise, will find the next best target to spectate./spec with no target will place you in spectator mode.
Stop Spectating "stopspec", "specstop", "spawn", "respawn" mom_spectate_stop /spawn while watching a player in your lobby, or while in free roam, will respawn you, exiting spectate mode./spawn while alive will not do anything, consider using /r -1 if you wish to return to the map’s initial spawn point.
Go To Player "goto" mom_lobby_teleport <person> /goto goc with Gocnak in your lobby will teleport you to where Gocnak is in the map./goto goc without Gocnak in your lobby will not teleport you, and instead give an error in chat.
Go To Saveloc "saveloc" mom_saveloc_nav_goto <number> /saveloc 1 when saveloc 1 exists will teleport you to the specified save./saveloc 1 when saveloc 1 does not exist will not teleport you, and instead give an error in chat.

Do you have any more commands you’d like to see in the game? Try suggesting them in our Game repository’s issues section!

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