teleport trigger

A trigger volume that teleports entities that touch it. Entities are teleported to the Remote Destination.

Keyvalues #

Remote Destination (target<target_destination>)

The entity specifying the point to which the player should be teleported.

Local Destination Landmark (landmark<target_destination>)

When “Teleport mode” is “Landmark teleport”, teleported entities are offset from the target by their initial offset from the landmark (this entity).

Velocity Scale Factor (X Y Z) (velocityscale<vector>)

Scale the player’s velocity per-axis. Default is “1 1 1”.

Teleport mode (mode<choices>)

Mode of teleportation.

  • 0: Default (do nothing, just teleport)
  • 1: Reset velocity
  • 2: Keep negative Z (downwards) velocity
  • 3: Redirect velocity to destination angles
  • 4: Landmark teleport

Defaults to 1; reset velocity.

Reorient Landmark (reorient_landmark<choices>)

  • 0: No
  • 1: Yes

When “Teleport mode” is “Landmark teleport”, this will reorient the origin, angles and velocity from the landmark’s local space to the destination’s. This means the destination room does not have to face the same way. Default is No; 0.

Reset the player angles on teleport (resetang<choices>)

  • 0: False
  • 1: True

Resets the view angles of the player after being teleported to the Remote Destination. Default is True; 1.

Fail Teleport (fail<choices>)

  • 0: False
  • 1: True

Indicates whether this teleport is for failing a level. Default is False; 0.

Flags #

Teleport the player on EndTouch() instead of StartTouch() (8388608)
Teleports the user to the Remote Destination when the player leaves the trigger instead of when they first touch it.

A material for the tool texture shown in the header image can be found in materials/tools/trigger_teleport.
It is entirely optional and functions identically to the normal trigger texture.
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