Sticky Jump

Gamemode Guide: Sticky Jump

What is Sticky Jump? #

Based on the Demoman class from Team Fortress 2, players shoot explosives that stick to surfaces and must be detonated manually, which players can then use to propel themselves around the map. Up to 3 of these arcing bombs can be used at once to go at extremely high speeds, or used in alternation to “pogo” on the floor, walls, or even in the air.

History of Sticky Jump #

Sticky Jump movement can be found in Team Fortress 2, but due to the high self-damage of stickybombs, its’ prominence is limited within the main game. Most of sticky jumping is done on maps and servers specifically catered to it, inlcuding plugins that give unlimited ammo and set the players health to max on each tick, and allowed the use of some cheat-protected commands such as thirdperson.

Momentum Mod’s implementation of Sticky Jump has a few key changes from Team Fortress 2. Ammo/reloading has been replaced with consistent triggers, and instead of having to deal with health, players are limited to having 3 stickybombs out at any given time.

How Sticky Jump Works #

Typically the player shoots a stickybomb at the ground, then jumps, crouches, and detonates the stickies all in extremely quick succession. If done properly the player will go flying in a certain direction.

Stickybombs take a fraction of a second to arm before they’re able to be detonated, marked by the three circles on the HUD and a brief flash when they’re ready. Because of this, pogoing (or bouncing multiple times in a row without touching the ground) can be much more involved than in rocket jumping. The player must predict where they will land and shoot there ahead of time, so that the sticky is armed and ready by the time they’re above it. Essentially, the player must always place the next sticky before detonating the previous one. Also, as stickies don’t require surfaces to detonate, players can detonate their stickies in the air to allow extra height.

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