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What is Conc? # Conc, short for “Concussion Grenade Jumping”, is a classic game mode from the classic Team Fortress, involving priming a concussion grenade to explode at just the right time to propel the player throughout the map. Momentum Mod’s implementation of Conc comes from a mix of Fortress Forever’s implementation combined with reverse engineering specific values from Team Fortress Classic. History of Conc # Conc comes from Team Fortress Classic, which was based on the Quake mod “Quake Fortress” by the same developers. ...


func, trigger, TF2, explosion, rocket jump, sticky jump, conc

Rockets, stickybombs, conc grenades, and other explosives will not detonate/explode inside this area. Keyvalues # Explosive prevention method (explosion_prevention_type<choices>) Determines the method of explosive prevention. 0: “[Default] Fizzle explosives upon detonation. This is the TF2 default.” 1: “Fizzle only airborne (handheld concs included) explosives upon detonation.” 2: “Fizzle upon landing instead of on attempted detonation.” 3: “Fizzle explosive immediately upon it entering the trigger.”