Ammo System

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The ammo system allows mappers to control how many shots the player can fire from weapons that use ammo. All defrag weapons, the RJ rocket launcher, the sticky bomb launcher, and concs can be controlled with separate ammo types. The default state for the player is infinite ammo, but the player’s ammo can be changed with player IO inputs and entities. Additionally, an ammo limit can be set that doesn’t allow the player to have more than a certain amount. ...


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This guide covers how to use collectibles in Momentum Mod. Collectibles are a tool that lets mappers create non-linear, staged maps. Prerequisites # To follow this guide you should: Be on Momentum 0.8.7+ Have a working Hammer install with the Momentum FGD Some experience with entity I/O and filters What are Collectibles? # Collectibles are any entity that the player must interact with to continue in the map. They can be thought of like pickups, but any entity can be a collectible, so long as the player can interact with it to “collect” it. ...

Creating Surf Ramps

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Note: This guide assumes that you have a basic working knowledge of the hammer editor and the tools used. Basic Surf Ramps # Planning # Before you start to create your ramps in hammer, there are a few factors you should consider: How steep do I want the ramps to be? A ramp that is too steep / wide may be considered awkward to board. People tend to use a 5:4 ratio for the dimensions of their ramps What size do I want for my ramps? ...

Giving Players Powerups

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Two powerups are implemented: Haste and Damage Boost. They can be given or removed with these inputs: SetHaste (time in seconds) SetDamageBoost (time in seconds) If time = 0, the effect will be removed. If time < 0, then the effect will last indefinitely until removed. There are also powerup entities: momentum_powerup_haste and momentum_powerup_damage_boost. They both take a ResetTime key like the weapon spawner entity. The haste powerup takes a HasteTime key, and the damage boost powerup takes a DamageBoostTime key. ...

Hammer++ Setup

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Background # Momentum Mod ships with a customized build of Hammer (named “Strata Hammer”) which includes some, but not all of Hammer++’s features. Our development has been geared more towards stability than new features, with a focus on porting to Qt for cross platform UI and bug fixing. While Strata Hammer should be perfectly usable (and we appreciate testers), it will be a while until Hammer++ features like accurate lighting preview are fully implemented. ...

Parallax Corrected Cubemaps


This page covers Momentum’s implementation of Parallax-Corrected Cubemaps, created with a combination of custom entities and materials. Thanks to Brian Charles for his work on this feature. More technical information can be found on the Valve Developer Wiki Page. Prerequisites # To make use of this page, you should: Be proficient in using the Hammer Editor Have the momentum.fgd in your Hammer configuration Know how to use the developer console Components of a Parallax-Corrected Cubemap # In Hammer, Parallax-Corrected Cubemaps need two entities to function correctly: ...

Porting Goldsrc maps to Source

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This guide is a work in progress. If you have questions or problems ask for help in the Momentum Mod Discord. # Before you start, you should know that maps with simple geometry work best for porting. Complex geometry can cause invalid solids which will need to be manually remade, and some textures will need to be realigned. Prerequisites: Have a basic understanding of Goldsrc, Valve Hammer Editor, and potentially Trenchbroom Download the . ...

Porting Quake 3 maps to Source

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Before you start, you should know that maps with simple geometry work best for porting. Complex geometry can cause invalid solids as vertices tend to shift around if they are off grid, and you will be forced to recreate a lot of the brushes manually. Patches and props cannot be ported across either, so choose maps without those or you will have to spend a lot of time manually replacing them in Hammer. ...

Weapon System

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The weapon system allows mappers to give and remove a players weapons via entity logic. Weapon Spawner Entity # The momentum_weapon_spawner entity can be used to give the player a weapon. The entity currently takes a weapon entity name in the WeaponName key. The following weapon names can be used: "weapon_momentum_pistol" "weapon_momentum_shotgun" "weapon_momentum_machinegun" "weapon_momentum_sniper" "weapon_momentum_grenade" "weapon_momentum_concgrenade" "weapon_knife" "weapon_momentum_rocketlauncher" "weapon_momentum_stickylauncher" "weapon_momentum_df_plasmagun" "weapon_momentum_df_rocketlauncher" "weapon_momentum_df_bfg" "weapon_momentum_df_grenadelauncher" The entity also has a ResetTime key, which is the amount of time in seconds before a weapon can be picked up again. ...

World Portals

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This page covers Momentum Mod’s implementation of world portals, how they work, how to add them into a map, as well as the limitations associated with the technology. Prerequisites # In order to easily follow along with this guide it is recommended to have the following: A basic knowledge of the Hammer editor and how to create functional, playable maps using it A version of Momentum Mod from version 0. ...