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What is Bhop? # Bhop, short for “Bunny Hop”, is a very popular gamemode found in many games, such as CS:GO, TF2, and others. The core mechanic, “bhopping”, is when the player jumps repeatedly, the moment they hit the ground, allowing them to maintain their current velocity. In order to maximize the likelihood of inputting the jump exactly when you hit the ground, players used to bind jump to the scroll wheel, and then roll their mouse wheel very fast whenever they were about to hit the ground. ...

Porting Goldsrc maps to Source

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This guide is a work in progress. If you have questions or problems ask for help in the Momentum Mod Discord. # Before you start, you should know that maps with simple geometry work best for porting. Complex geometry can cause invalid solids which will need to be manually remade, and some textures will need to be realigned. Prerequisites: Have a basic understanding of Goldsrc, Valve Hammer Editor, and potentially Trenchbroom Download the . ...


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Toggles jump input for gamemodes with autohop. Toggle resets when hitting a fail teleport (see trigger_teleport , trigger_momentum_teleport_progress , trigger_momentum_multihop , and trigger_momentum_onehop ), and when restarting a map or stage via mom_restart or mom_restart_stage respectively.


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Trigger that prevents the player from doing specific keypress movements. Keyvalue # Track Number (track_number<integer>) The track that this trigger belongs to: -1: All Tracks 0: Main Map 1+: Bonus Tracks Flags # Prevent the player from moving forward (8192) (Disabled by default) Prevent the player from moving to the left (16384) (Disabled by default) Prevent the player from moving to the right (32768) (Disabled by default) Prevent the player from moving backward (65536) ...


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Trigger that allows for multiple hops inside of it, and teleports the player if they stay inside for longer than the hold time. Keyvalues # Remote Destination (target<target_destination>) The entity specifying the point to which the player should be teleported. Local Destination Landmark (landmark<target_destination>) When “Teleport mode” is “Landmark teleport”, teleported entities are offset from the target by their initial offset from the landmark (this entity). Velocity Scale Factor (X Y Z) (velocityscale<vector>) ...