mapping, collectibles

This guide covers how to use collectibles in Momentum Mod. Collectibles are a tool that lets mappers create non-linear, staged maps. Prerequisites # To follow this guide you should: Be on Momentum 0.8.7+ Have a working Hammer install with the Momentum FGD Some experience with entity I/O and filters What are Collectibles? # Collectibles are any entity that the player must interact with to continue in the map. They can be thought of like pickups, but any entity can be a collectible, so long as the player can interact with it to “collect” it. ...


filter, collectibles

Filter that checks whether the player is at or above the given collectible count. Keyvalues # Minimum req. collectible count (player_collectibles<integer>) The minimum collectible count that the player needs to be at in order for the filter to accept them. Default is 0.