zones, trigger, stage, checkpoint, stop, start

Changes the type of zone to be created when using mom_zone_mark / mom_zone_create . “auto” - Creates a start zone unless one already exists, in which case an end zone is created. “start” - Start zone. “end” - End zone. “stage” - Stage zone. “checkpoint” - Checkpoint zone.


timer, trigger, checkpoint

A trigger entity in Momentum Mod that splits the timer. It is used on Linear maps and can not be reset to, unlike Stages. Checkpoint Zones cannot be used at the same time as Stage Zones. Looking for more general info on Zones? Check the Zone Types page. Keyvalues # Track Number (track_number<integer>) The track that this zone belongs to: -1: All Tracks 0: Main Map 1+: Bonus Tracks Zone Number (zone_number<integer>) ...