Ammo System

ammo, mapping

The ammo system allows mappers to control how many shots the player can fire from weapons that use ammo. All defrag weapons, the RJ rocket launcher, the sticky bomb launcher, and concs can be controlled with separate ammo types. The default state for the player is infinite ammo, but the player’s ammo can be changed with player IO inputs and entities. Additionally, an ammo limit can be set that doesn’t allow the player to have more than a certain amount. ...


point entity, weapons, ammo

This entity can be used to give the player ammo. Keyvalues # Reset Time (ResetTime<float>) The amount of time in seconds before a weapon can be picked up again. If this value is negative, then the spawner will only give a weapon once. Ammo Name (AmmoName<string>) Name of the ammo type to give the player. Must be one of the names listed on Ammo System. Pickup Ammo (PickupAmmo<integer>) Amount of ammo to give the player for the specified ammo type. ...