rocket jump

Rocket Jump

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What is Rocket Jump? # Based on the Soldier class from Team Fortress 2, players shoot unidirectional, fixed-speed rockets and take advantage of the explosion they create to propel themselves throughout maps. History of Rocket Jump # The origins of rocket jumping can be traced all the way back to the release of Doom in 1993. Players could sacrifice health to cross gaps not originally intended to be crossed by firing a rocket at a wall nearby and use the outward horizontal velocity emitted by the explosion of the rocket (sometimes called the “splash” or “splash damage”) to strafe across a gap. ...


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Rockets, stickybombs, conc grenades, and other explosives will not detonate/explode inside this area. Keyvalues # Explosive prevention method (explosion_prevention_type<choices>) Determines the method of explosive prevention. 0: “[Default] Fizzle explosives upon detonation. This is the TF2 default.” 1: “Fizzle only airborne (handheld concs included) explosives upon detonation.” 2: “Fizzle upon landing instead of on attempted detonation.” 3: “Fizzle explosive immediately upon it entering the trigger.”