func, trigger, TF2, explosion, rocket jump, sticky jump, conc

Rockets, stickybombs, conc grenades, and other explosives will not detonate/explode inside this area. Keyvalues # Explosive prevention method (explosion_prevention_type<choices>) Determines the method of explosive prevention. 0: “[Default] Fizzle explosives upon detonation. This is the TF2 default.” 1: “Fizzle only airborne (handheld concs included) explosives upon detonation.” 2: “Fizzle upon landing instead of on attempted detonation.” 3: “Fizzle explosive immediately upon it entering the trigger.”


zones, trigger

Deletes zone types. Accepts start/stop/stage/checkpoint or an entity index. Usage Examples # mom_zone_delete start Deletes the start zone. mom_zone_delete stop Deletes the end zone. mom_zone_delete stage Deletes all stage zones. mom_zone_delete checkpoint Deletes all checkpoint zones. mom_zone_delete 5 Deletes the entity with index of 5 if it is a zone entity.