Chat Commands

chat, say, showclips, showtriggers, spectate

This guide covers all of the supported chat commands and potential inputs they have. These commands can be entered in chat at any time regardless of being in a lobby or not. All commands are activated by using “/” or “!” or “.” and then the trigger keywords listed below. Example: “/spec” or “.spec” or “!spec” all trigger the “Spectate Player” command. Do not make “say binds”!! Instead, prefer to create binds to the linked commands. ...


spectate, online, lobby

Starts spectating. Starts in free roam spectate mode if there are no active ghosts (players) on your map. Takes an optional parameter that is either the steam ID or name of the player to spectate. Usage Examples # mom_spectate Starts spectating. mom_spectate aaa Starts spectating player with name aaa, aaaa, aaab, etc. mom_spectate 99999999999999999 Starts spectating player with steam ID 99999999999999999.