start, mark

Clears the current track’s saved start location if there is one. Optionally accepts a track number. Usage Example # mom_start_mark_clear Clears the start mark on the current track. mom_start_mark_clear 2 Clears the start mark on track 2.


start, stage, mark

If in a start zone, creates a start mark (a customized starting location/angle) for the current track. Start marks are saved with savelocs in momentum/savedlocs.txt. If in a stage zone, creates a temporary start mark which is wiped every run.


zones, start, trigger

Changes the draw mode of the start zone(s). 0 = Off; invisible, 1 = Outlines, 2 = Outlines as overlays (see through walls), 3 = Faces, 4 = Faces as overlays (see through walls).


zones, trigger, stage, checkpoint, stop, start

Changes the type of zone to be created when using mom_zone_mark / mom_zone_create . “auto” - Creates a start zone unless one already exists, in which case an end zone is created. “start” - Start zone. “end” - End zone. “stage” - Stage zone. “checkpoint” - Checkpoint zone.


timer, trigger, start

A trigger entity in Momentum Mod that starts the map or bonus upon leaving it. Looking for more general info on Zones? Check the Zone Types page. Keyvalues # Track Number (track_number<integer>) The track that this zone belongs to: -1: All Tracks 0: Main Map 1+: Bonus Tracks Zone Number (zone_number<integer>) The zone number of the trigger: Zone number 0 is reserved for invalid and stop triggers. Zone number 1 is reserved for start triggers. ...