How to Install CS:S Assets

This guide covers how to install CS:S assets using SteamCMD.


  • An internet connection.
  • Some free space on your PC. (~4GB)

Getting SteamCMD

For Linux/Mac refer to Valveā€™s guide:


  • Make a folder for SteamCMD.
  • Inside of it download SteamCMD, and unzip it.
  • Start steamcmd.exe and wait until you got Steam> waiting for your input.

Getting CS:S files

Inside SteamCMD, type or paste each of the following line in the order:

  • login anonymous
  • force_install_dir ./css
  • app_update 232330 validate

Installing CS:S files

  • Inside your SteamCMD folder go into the folder css/cstrike and copy/cut all .vpk files starting with the name cstrike_pak_.
  • From your momentum folder go to momentum\custom, create a folder cstrikesource and paste all previous .vpk inside of it.
  • Finally from the momentum folder open momentum\gameinfo.txt:
    • Find:
                game				|all_source_engine_paths|hl2/hl2_misc.vpk
    • And add the following in a new line right after:
               game				momentum/custom/cstrikesource/cstrike_pak_dir.vpk
    • Save