Gamemode Guide: Sticky Jump

What is Sticky Jump?

Based on the Demoman class from Team Fortress 2, players shoot explosives that stick to surfaces and have control over their detonation which propels themselves throughout maps. Up to 3 of these arching bombs can be used at once to go at extremely high speeds, or they can be in alternation to pogo on the floor, the wall, or even in the air.

Sticky Jump movement can be found in Team Fortress 2, however due to the high damage that stickybombs deal it has extremely limited use in competitive games. Instead, most sticky jumping is done on special ‘jump’ maps and servers that give the player infinite health and ammo.

The version of Sticky Jump implemented in Momentum Mod has a few key changes from Team Fortress 2. Most notably, all health and ammo is gone. Instead, players are limited to having 3 stickybombs out at any given time and further restrictions are done using special triggers in the maps.

History of Sticky Jump


How Sticky Jump Works